Sunday, November 18, 2007

Blast From The Past: RIFTS

My wife and I are packing up our things, preparing to move back to California in December. As I was going through my bookshelves today, I decided to toss out a pile of old notebooks that had been sitting on the bottom shelf since before we moved out here to Minneapolis. They're full of old gaming ideas, characters, system notes, and other things, but ultimately I decided that I don't seem to have a big problem coming up with new ideas, and one must preserve moving space for more important things.

Still, I couldn't resist going through them to see if there was anything of worth. There were one or two things I could see myself using, but I also happened across this RIFTS character, one of many that I never got the chance to play. This one was made for a planned game that my friend Sammy was going to run, which would have been the first RIFTS game I'd played since, well, I don't remember.

This is Mercy Libre. As you can guess by my choice of playing a Principled Purestrain Human Rogue Scholar, munchkinism isn't what brought me to RIFTS. The logo on her helmet says "Ex Libris Lazlo", the motto of the Order of the Library of Lazlo.

Heck, I'd still play this character.

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