Friday, April 8, 2011

HeroMachine 3

While trying to figure out some character designs, I went through my bookmarks to call up the old HeroMachine 2.5 website, hoping to stir a bit of creativity and help me flesh some character design ideas I've been developing.

Lo and behold, there is a Version 3 Alpha of the HeroMachine, and having created a character or four with it, I can confidently proclaim that verily, it rocketh. The improvements they've made on it are fantastic, allowing me to do a lot of things that the previous version didn't. The end result is not only a HeroMachine that has more options than before, but one which allows me to better manipulate what I put up on the screen.

Check it out here.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Six (Well, Seven) Angry Men

I finally got around to finishing the last drawing of the WWI soldiers from No Man's Land. In case you're interested, or ever feel like running the adventure yourself and don't like the original illustrations, feel free to use these. Looking over the descriptions in the character sheets again, I'm thinking Grimm should look uglier and Mason should be thinner, but oh, well. My drawings are closer than the original illustrations...

You'd have to settle for one of the pre-gens being in a different outfit, though: