Saturday, September 6, 2008

Now I'm A Tiny Adventurer

I'm going to run a dungeon crawl for Mr. Slusser on Rondak's. We've been playing Tiny Adventures on Facebook a bit lately, and while it doesn't whet my appetite for 4e, it does make me want to play the editions of D&D that I do own. So we discussed it; he wants to play a Paladin, and I want to use my kit-bashed D&D gameworld, Anhur.

As much as I enjoy putting together an adventure on Rondak's, one of the big reasons I secretly look forward to beginning a game there is having an excuse to create a title placard for the game. I mentioned this to Slusser, and he commented that it must be an artist thing. He may be right, but for whatever reason, I love looking for interesting and evocative images on Google Image Search, throwing them into Photoshop to tweak, and then matching them up with just the right font. I couldn't tell you why; I wouldn't describe myself as a graphic designer, per se.

Anyway, here's what I came up with:

This time, I thought a minimalist approach would work.


Michael Slusser said...


Now, where is the graphic for our planned game based on Hawkwind's "Sea King"?

(That's a funny joke, if you happen to be Devin or me.)

Devin said...

I'll see what I can throw together.

In the meantime, is Rondak's freaking out for you? It doesn't seem to like my password any more.